Getka makes it happen.

We do more than develop assets. We create opportunities that drive long-term value.

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, globally-focused Getka lies at the nexus of optionality and opportunity. Our local assets partnered with our global understanding bridge the gaps in today’s changing energy marketplace.

From the heart of North America’s crude oil hub in Cushing, Oklahoma, to the ports of the Gulf Coast, Europe and Asia — we move energy forward.



Asset Development

When opportunities arise, you need a partner who delivers with speed and agility. Getka’s aggressive asset expansion, including new pipeline and terminal infrastructure in Canada and the United States, expands horizons through customized solutions.



The dynamics of North America’s crude oil markets are complex. Getka understands it all begins in Cushing, Oklahoma. We utilize Cushing as our launch point for manufacturing and source point for exports of commodities into expanding markets.



Global Expertise

Our industry knowledge spans decades — and continents. We use our expertise in crude oil logistics, storage and transportation to create targeted solutions for emerging European and Asian energy markets.