Getka is Redefining Integrated Energy

The new industry buzzword is integrated energy, and it seems every energy company is talking about a green strategy.  At face value, it all sounds great, but it is important to understand industry practices that are making a difference.


“It is fairly common practice for energy companies to own private woodland for the purpose of offsetting their overall carbon output,” said Dariusz Cichocki, Chairman and CEO of Getka Group. “However, we believe that a truly integrated strategy recognizes the critical role of oil and gas in serving the world’s energy supply, while implementing technologies and processes that incrementally reduce, not just offset, carbon output.”


While Getka’s roots are in oil and gas, the company is reducing carbon emissions through every stage of production, from upstream to downstream.


“We aren’t just moving paper around, but we are setting a standard for the physical reduction in carbon emissions,” said Brett Lattin, Chief Operating Officer for Getka Group. “We have a proven model that reduces emissions by 50 percent through integrating alternative energies to reduce emissions at refineries.  Our processes are focused on removing unavoidable emissions and working towards zero carbon for all operations.”


For example, Getka is building solar infrastructure to power a reduced emissions refining complex for operations, tank storage and grid feedback.  Through a partnership with Francis Energy, the company is deploying electric vehicle charging to power its fleet.  Additional zero impact development is underway.


Getka manages every component of the energy cycle, from oil and gas production and solar energy to fuel pumps and electric vehicle charging.  That gives us more control to ensure responsible energy production in the following areas:


  • Oil and gas operations, including domestic asset development
  • Alternative energy, such as renewables, solar and electric vehicle (EV) charging
  • Engineering to include upstream, midstream and downstream facility design, operations and maintenance
  • Construction of pipelines, terminals, EV charging, solar infrastructure
  • International oil and gas marketing through our 3 Seas Energy division
  • Exploration and Production

Getka’s integrated approach allows our partners to benefit from increased efficiencies and diversified revenue streams.  Our commitment is simple: Getka will reduce emissions and invest in low carbon technologies, while continuing to meet the world’s critical energy needs through responsible oil and gas production and delivery. The result is integrated energy, uncomplicated and turnkey.


“Getka is rethinking energy and rebuilding energy infrastructure to adapt to the world’s changing needs,” said Cichocki.

03/1/21 // by s8v3

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